Seraphs of the Stars

Guild Overview

Seraphs of the Stars [SOS] is a search-and-rescue guild dedicated to keeping the metaverse’s varied inhabitants and their possessions safe and well.

From simply running out of fuel or leaving a spaceship to finding yourself stranded on an alien world, the Seraphs are here to help! With an efficient communications system and a vast network of members, we ensure that the aid you need is only a few light-years away.

We expect search-and-rescue ops to be a very in-demand, profitable service, and the Seraphs intend to be at the forefront of this emerging field. In the future, we will operate an extensive network of Dyson Spheres to facilitate quick intergalatic rescue, as well as allow commercial travel. We offer our search-and-rescue services to everyone, no guild membership required.

⭐So, journey without fear, adventurers! We’ll be your guardian angels. ⭐


MUD, ONI, Ustur

Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


10 - 50



Industry / Specialization

Search & Rescue


Seraphs of the Stars is committed to providing a comprehensive network of aid to the metaverse, while creating deep value for its members and investors.

Unique Features

The first (and currently only) guild devoted to search-and-rescue.
Everyone in our server also gains access to our custom-built A.I. bot, Lux, a friendly conversationalist, knowledgable guide, and mascot. Using an advanced machine-learning algorithm, he is continually improving.




15 August 2021

Assets Worth

$10k - $100k

Languages Spoken


Alliances & Partners


Member Benefits

Our benefits include access to an intergalactic network of support, quick travel through space, discounts on ships, and more. (We have trade agreements in place with other DACs to reduce costs.)

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