Guild Overview

Founded hundreds of years ago by three brothers. Scythe is a guild of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and explorers. All are welcome, no matter what faction you are. Our goal is to grow our guild into an army, traveling the universe lending our guns to the highest bidder.

In honor of its founders, Scythe has 3 presidents. One in charge of collecting and assigning bounties as well as collecting information. One in charge of war and collecting mercenary contracts as well as planning attacks. And the third is in charge of exploration, gathering resources, recruitment, and direction of the fleet as we travel through space. Each president will have a second in command making up the leadership of Scythe.


MUD, ONI, Ustur

Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


10 - 50



Industry / Specialization

Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mercenary Work, Mining, Piracy


we aim to provide the highest level of security and to create opportunities for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it, the chance to fly larger ships, and earn the income they couldn't before. we also want to use our position to host charity events for those less fortunate

Unique Features



Adam Bennett


1 January 2022

Assets Worth

$100k - $500k

Languages Spoken


Alliances & Partners


Member Benefits

All members are eligible to win our monthly lottery. members will be given insurance whenever on guild missions, members will have safety in numbers. Every member has the potential to be a leader.

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